Alloy always known and used in door and window frames and in general in architectural uses, furniture, furnishings, chemical industry, industrial sector in which important mechanical specifications are not necessary instead of a good level of finish and a pleasant look of the manufacture.


Alloy for structural uses, in particular in the rail transport and haulage industry, with medium mechanical specifications, sufficient weldability with MIG, good resistance to the corrosion in an urban environment.



Application in the chemical industry, in pots and pans and in household tools, packagings, metallic small parts, roof covers and for other architectural uses, general applications where a good resistance to corrosion is more requested instead of the mechanical resistance.


Alloy always known and used in furniture with a good level of finish and a pleasant look of the manufacture. It is particulary suittable for polishing.


Alloy with a big diffusion in the automotive components industry both for mechanical parts from extruded bar and for pressed parts. It offers good mechanical specifications, resistance to corrosion, a high level of finish. It has a quite universal employment in all the industrial sectors, sometimes for specific uses in the aeronautic division.